IDERA Mineral Resources owns three exploration licences in southeast Serbia, near the Bulgarian and Macedonian border. These licences extend through the municipalities of Bosilegrad, Vranjska Banja and Surdalica, covering a total area of 173,5 km2.

This region, as a part of Serbo-Macedonian massif, is known as highly prospective in gold deposits. Exploration plans for three licences in sites of Kriva Feja, Gornja Rzana and Resen include geological mapping, soil and channel sampling, stream sediments sampling, geophysics and drilling. Within these licenses IDERA Mineral Resources explores epithermal gold mineralisation connected to quartzlatites and secondary gold deposits in alluvial sediments.

The country is situated near the western end of the Tethyan Mineral Belt, which gives host to over 250 producing precious and base metal mines between Europe and Asia, so the potential of this territory is outstanding. The country is very well geologically prospected by Yugoslavian state institutions and all geological data is available.  Also, Serbia is a mining friendly environment country, rich in geology experts and skilled technicians. It is crossed with good infrastructure and there are municipalities willing to help and adapt existing roads.