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Sustainable growth and development

IDERA Mineral Resources is an international gold exploration company, operating in different regions globally. Within these regions the company is developing high potential mining districts that encompass operating mines, construction, development and exploration projects. The company is dedicated to responsible operations, the highest safety, environmental standards and is focused on sustaining it's positon as one of the most stable gold mining companies with long-term sustainable development and continued growth of the business.


We are focused on sustaining our position as one of the most stable gold mining companies by continued growth of the business and its value for the benefit of owners and partners.


Conducting our business in remote regions, making our main objective the development of its production in conjunction with the improvement of social and economic standards in the region.


With sustainable long-term development of our mines we also make an important contribution to the development of the regions where we operate and acknowledge the environmental responsibility.


Our Projects


We own three exploration licenses in the south-east of Serbia, which extends through the municipalities of Bosilegrad, Surdulica snd Vranjska Banja. Within these licenses IDERA Minedral Resources explores epithermal gold mineralisation connected to quartzlatutes and secondary gold deposits in alluvial sediments.

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As the third largest gold producing continent, with 21 countries in which gold is mined, Africa is a highly prospective gold mining territory. Africa is widely known for a flat, outcrop lacking countries, but rich in gold deposits easily accessible with open pits. Open pit mines enable lower costs and tend to be more attractive to many more companies than the regular underground mines.

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Mali has a long history of gold exploitation. In Mali we have developing projects in prospecting gold mining, as mining industry of Mali is dominated by gold extraction which has given it the ranking as the third largest in Africa. Gold reserves are easily accessable with open pit mining operations, and gold grade in Mali mines takes Mali to the top of West African list of the highest grade gold producers.

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Rapidly advancing our projects

We continue to evaluate the potential of the properties to identify further opportunities. 

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